Back To Square One.

My god it has been for ever! And oh my has life been taking me from one end to another…

Let me start by apologizing for disappearing into thin air after my last post of me being absolutely chuffed about feeling lots and lots better and thoroughly believing I had been cured once and for all… you may already sense what’s coming…

The pain is back — in all its glory and almightiness… (I know it’s not a word, I think… god! relax).

     ‘Bit by bit the pain weaseled its
way back in to my daily routine until I caught it red handed taking over my life again; terrorizing my every move…’

You might’ve even seen some pictures of me looking like I was having the time of my life — I was, I really was enjoying a life with almost no pain and feeling the power of having control over my life again.

But then it all came back, bit by bit the pain weaseled its way back in to my daily routine until I caught it red handed taking over my life again; terrorizing my every move… and well, call me crazy, but after sharing with you my success of feeling so much better I just couldn’t find the words or courage to share with you this major disappointment. I just couldn’t. And a big part of me was obviously wishing it would just be temporarily and the ‘painfree’ times were just around the corner again. But after waiting and wishing for a long time I just have to admit to you and myself. The pain is back.

I have been taking my meds and been to all of my regular checkups at the hospital. In the meantime I’m trying to hold down a steady job which is very challenging considering the state I’m in most of the time. I’m trying to do all the right things to prevent the pain from getting worse and more powerful but it feels more like carrying water to the sea.. that might not even be a saying in the English language but I’m throwing it in here anyways.

I’ve been prescribed new drugs almost every month or so and every time I would cross my fingers hoping these new pills would give me my freedom back. But up until this day that hasn’t been the case. And although this sounds and ís rather depressing I must admit I could’ve taken it worse and my life isn’t all that bad… some moments it is, being in pain still feels like running a marathon, on one leg, every day. But I’ve met a wonderful person who wants to share his life with this curled up little bundle of pain called ‘me’. So even though I’m angry and unbelievably disappointed about being ill, I do enjoy life and whatever I (we) can make of it.



I’m very thankful of this wonderful human being, standing beside me, being all tough and strong. He’s there when I’m feeling a bit better and we go paint the town red! But more importantly he’s there when I’m all down in the dumps because I’m in pain. Thank you for sticking by me even though you barely know me. (insert monkey face hiding behind its hands).

On a more chipper note; look I have a car! Still no drivers license though haha but we’re getting there!
But look how cute! I’m totally and utterly in love with it and can’t wait to be huffin and puffin around in this one. Fingers crossed it will not disintegrate on the motorway 😉

Thank you for checking in on me, feel free to leave a massage!

If it’s been a while since we spoke or saw each other please don’t hesitate and drop us a text or fb message and we’ll go for drinks! Maybe not for large pints of Guinness but catching up  over a hot cup of tea works just as well:) god when did I become so English…

Haha Ok. Doei!

PS. Mocht je je nou afvragen wat mijn ziekte beeld precies inhoud heb ik hier een mooie/deprimerende opsomming van symptomen. Dit doe ik natuurlijk niet om zielig te doen maar wel om awareness te brengen voor MCAS, en mocht je jouw klachten nou hierin herkennen neem contact op met je arts! Ook mij mag je alles vragen!



Ignoring The Pain


What to do what to do… niks leek te helpen. Van dieet naar dieet en genoeg pillen voor een heel leven! Nothing did the trick or at least not enough.  The chiropractic gave me a little nudge in the right direction but I ran out of money to continue my treatment (for now).

My Mum eventually got me to try some weed oil (CBD oil– it’s without the fun stuff;). I was magorly sceptical but ‘hey’ what did I have to lose? That’s right; absolutely nothing.

I stopped eating ridiculously healthy and stopped caring about giving my body the best of the best, nothing seemed to work anyways. I had put in so much time, money and stress into giving my body what it needed and all it ever did was reject everything.

I basically let go of everything I ever learned about healthy eating and foods you should and shouldn’t eat with irritable bowels and so on. I just started eating what I wanted whenever I wanted it. I’m not saying it’s a very smart decision or it’s doing any good for my belly, I’m basically giving up and trying to ignore the pain and pick up my life what’s left of it and moving on.

With the CBD oil and caring less about what I eat the pain has reduced to — manageable. I do however still take some of my medication; hopefully it does something good, you never know with my belly.

So for those who are interested; I’m currently still taking both anti histamines and the enzymes in combination with the pills that add more stomach acid to digest your food better. In my previous blog post you can find the exact names and website where you can find these supplements.

Find out next week about my new Job!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed reading this little update and if you want to know more about me or about my journey in finding the solution to my tummy issues go ahead and have a look at my previous blog posts!

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Another trip to the E.R.


Hi lovely people.

We all thought it was all going to be better now, we thought we knew what was wrong with my belly and I was taking lots of medicine to get better. Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned…

Studies from Amerika showed over 90% was cured after taking the same drugs as I have done over the passed few weeks but I belong to the remaining 10% who don’t get better.

The pain has increased and yesterday I couldn’t hold any food or water down. They are running some new tests and hopefully they will finely find something that will explain all this mess.

Even though the doctor at the E.R. was an absolute Dick! (Pardon my french) we are still trying and hoping for a better treatment.

Why I tell you this boring story of me being absolutely miserable you ask? Well loads of people keep texting and calling me to congratulate me on finely getting better and here I am hanging over the toilet and asking myself ‘why Satan why!?’

I’ll keep you posted about the test results.

A special thanks to my loving mother who dropped everything to come and stay with me to take care of me while my boyfriend is out of town.

-Love Iris ♡



Belly Blues


We all have those moments where our belly isn’t cooperating with us and it’s always in the most inconvenient time. Maybe you just had a rough couple of weeks at work or it’s the end of some holiday season and you’ve been eating all the naughty foods. No problemo! Most people just need a few days of healthy eating and a few good nights of sleep to get everything right back on track and get rid of some much hated bloatiness (I know that’s not a word;) or indigestion.

If you get stuck with the cramps and the bloated belly for longer than just a few weeks we automatically start to change bits and pieces in our eating or living habits, no one wants the uncomfortable feeling of an upset belly for too long.

I’ve been living with an upset belly since I was about eight years old, the pain has come and gone over the years and had its peeks around stressful times and its lows anywhere in between. As you probably know or already read; for me the past 9,5 months the pain has been unbearable and I’ve been searching for a miracle ever since. Finely this “miracle” has been presented to me but the pain is nowhere near gone. It takes time to fix my particular issue, but maybe your solution is right around the corner and ten times easier. I’ll just give you a few examples of what you could try to get your metabolism or any other stomach issues for that matter under control. It sounds a bit counterproductive giving you advise to try methods that didn’t help me, but then again, I am a special case in this scenario;) do take note that if any of these methods are not to any use of yours, ask your doctor to be tested for SIBO, the thing I have, which you can read all about on the ‘about’ and ‘eureka’ page (if you haven’t already).

These methods have been suggested to me by the gastroenterologist at Catharina hospital or my general practitioner in Holland (Eindhoven). I have tried countless other methods but these are the ones I think could be of use to others.
(I hate reading endless long blog stories so I won’t do that to you, I like to get straight to the point. It could be that by making this short and simple you end up with questions about one of the methods or my experience with them, please don’t hesitate and send me an email; or comment on this blog post).

1. Fodmap Diet.
For some people it’ll be quite a change but if you find yourself getting bloated after every meal or experience some serious indigestion every time you eat even the tiniest little thing, it’s worth a try and if you don’t experience any improvements after 7 weeks of following this diet, try something else! Click on the next link to get more information about this diet; Fodmap Diet.

2. Peppermint oil (in capsules).
It’s supposed to reset your belly and calm it down from any cramps and other discomfort.

3. Going gluten and/or lactose free.
All I can say about going gluten and/or lactose free is; try it and if it doesn’t change anything try something else! I know, it’s a drag, trying all these different things, but if you’re in a lot of pain you just need to try and try until you find something that helps. Make sure you have been checked by a doctor first and see what he has to say about your symptoms.

4. Magnesium.
My doctor gave me Magnesium supplements to reduce the cramps in my colon. Because my colon was inflamed (at that time no one knew) the magnesium didn’t help but it might help you if you are experiencing frequent cramps.

5. Probiotics.
It’s almost the first thing people try when they have an upset belly. If you had a stomach bug or anything along those lines, your belly can stay a bit under the weather for longer than usual because you may be lost some of your healthy bacteria. Probiotics can get those little suckers back on track and get your metabolism up and running in no time. Again I advise you to just try and see what it does for you.

6. Duspatal.
This is for cramps and pains in the lower abdominal, ask your doctor if he thinks this will be something that might help you, same goes for number 7.

7. Buscopan.
This is a painkiller especially designed for stomach cramps.

8. Acnes treatments at the Maxima Medical Centre (Holland).
This is a whole other story, and a very long one for that matter, I’ll give you a link where you can find more information about this treatment: Acnes MMC. I don’t know if they do this in other countries but in Holland it’s an up and coming treatment for people who are suffering from chronicle (belly) pains. Their approach is more on the nerve level of the belly and not the colon lever. They basically put the main nerve in your stomach to sleep by injecting lidocaine in the first and/or second level of the nerve. if this is successful and you experience less pain over the course of a few hours or days they can eventually cut the nerve in its entirety.

9. Antidepressants and shit like that, don’t let them fool you by letting them convince you the pain is in your head, YES of course stress or anxiety can worsen your symptoms but in no universe can the pain you feel for months on end be because of something that can be cured with antidepressants. All I’m saying is, try The diets and other methods first before you ask your doctor about antidepressants. I’m not saying it might not help some of you, just let it be one of the last things you try.

Thank you for reading this blog, and I hope this might help you on your belly blues journey!

Email me for any questions;