Could This Be It?


It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Lots of pain, negative test results and almost no hope to hold on to. Sorry for my dreary opening but I just wanted to be honest about it and not sugar coat it and tell you I’m fine, I’m not.

After a while the pain got so bad so getting out of bed wasn’t even an option anymore and food was my worse enemy.

But giving up wasn’t an option either so I took some advice from my sister and payed a visit to a chiropractor. I was a bit skeptical because I was like; the pain is in my belly not in my back??

After trying countless methods and all sorts of medication I never had the feeling it ever made a difference… up until my first visit to the chiropractor. After my first treatment I instantly felt a relieve in the sense of less pain and more energy. I was still in a lot of pain but I was so happy to finely feel somewhat of a change in my body, a change for the better and more energy to take the constant punches of the pain.

The thought behind these chiropractic treatments are to get rid of any subluxations in the spinal cord. These blocked area’s press down on your nerves which results into bad communication between the organs and the brain which results into bad functioning organs… in my case my digestive system  (sounds pretty easy right?). These subluxations can give you all sorts of physical discomfort like; headaches, lung problems, low energy, indigestion, mood swings,  and the list goes on and on.

I still have 20 more treatments to go and I feel super optimistic about it! I can already see myself take back my life again; go to the gym, get a job and go out with friends… or maybe make friends first and then tag a long;)

Hope you guys found this little update somewhat interesting, not only because I like people reading my blog (obviously;) but mostly because I want to help other people with the same or related physical problems. So do you find yourself with questions after reading this blog please contact me and I will answer them all!:)

You can email me on or leave a message on this blog;) Thank you for visiting BellyGirlBlog and hopefully I will come back with an even more positive update in a few weeks!

Ps. The picture is old;) it just was the only one with my back showing haha.

X Iris

Another trip to the E.R.


Hi lovely people.

We all thought it was all going to be better now, we thought we knew what was wrong with my belly and I was taking lots of medicine to get better. Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned…

Studies from Amerika showed over 90% was cured after taking the same drugs as I have done over the passed few weeks but I belong to the remaining 10% who don’t get better.

The pain has increased and yesterday I couldn’t hold any food or water down. They are running some new tests and hopefully they will finely find something that will explain all this mess.

Even though the doctor at the E.R. was an absolute Dick! (Pardon my french) we are still trying and hoping for a better treatment.

Why I tell you this boring story of me being absolutely miserable you ask? Well loads of people keep texting and calling me to congratulate me on finely getting better and here I am hanging over the toilet and asking myself ‘why Satan why!?’

I’ll keep you posted about the test results.

A special thanks to my loving mother who dropped everything to come and stay with me to take care of me while my boyfriend is out of town.

-Love Iris ♡



Belly Blues


We all have those moments where our belly isn’t cooperating with us and it’s always in the most inconvenient time. Maybe you just had a rough couple of weeks at work or it’s the end of some holiday season and you’ve been eating all the naughty foods. No problemo! Most people just need a few days of healthy eating and a few good nights of sleep to get everything right back on track and get rid of some much hated bloatiness (I know that’s not a word;) or indigestion.

If you get stuck with the cramps and the bloated belly for longer than just a few weeks we automatically start to change bits and pieces in our eating or living habits, no one wants the uncomfortable feeling of an upset belly for too long.

I’ve been living with an upset belly since I was about eight years old, the pain has come and gone over the years and had its peeks around stressful times and its lows anywhere in between. As you probably know or already read; for me the past 9,5 months the pain has been unbearable and I’ve been searching for a miracle ever since. Finely this “miracle” has been presented to me but the pain is nowhere near gone. It takes time to fix my particular issue, but maybe your solution is right around the corner and ten times easier. I’ll just give you a few examples of what you could try to get your metabolism or any other stomach issues for that matter under control. It sounds a bit counterproductive giving you advise to try methods that didn’t help me, but then again, I am a special case in this scenario;) do take note that if any of these methods are not to any use of yours, ask your doctor to be tested for SIBO, the thing I have, which you can read all about on the ‘about’ and ‘eureka’ page (if you haven’t already).

These methods have been suggested to me by the gastroenterologist at Catharina hospital or my general practitioner in Holland (Eindhoven). I have tried countless other methods but these are the ones I think could be of use to others.
(I hate reading endless long blog stories so I won’t do that to you, I like to get straight to the point. It could be that by making this short and simple you end up with questions about one of the methods or my experience with them, please don’t hesitate and send me an email; or comment on this blog post).

1. Fodmap Diet.
For some people it’ll be quite a change but if you find yourself getting bloated after every meal or experience some serious indigestion every time you eat even the tiniest little thing, it’s worth a try and if you don’t experience any improvements after 7 weeks of following this diet, try something else! Click on the next link to get more information about this diet; Fodmap Diet.

2. Peppermint oil (in capsules).
It’s supposed to reset your belly and calm it down from any cramps and other discomfort.

3. Going gluten and/or lactose free.
All I can say about going gluten and/or lactose free is; try it and if it doesn’t change anything try something else! I know, it’s a drag, trying all these different things, but if you’re in a lot of pain you just need to try and try until you find something that helps. Make sure you have been checked by a doctor first and see what he has to say about your symptoms.

4. Magnesium.
My doctor gave me Magnesium supplements to reduce the cramps in my colon. Because my colon was inflamed (at that time no one knew) the magnesium didn’t help but it might help you if you are experiencing frequent cramps.

5. Probiotics.
It’s almost the first thing people try when they have an upset belly. If you had a stomach bug or anything along those lines, your belly can stay a bit under the weather for longer than usual because you may be lost some of your healthy bacteria. Probiotics can get those little suckers back on track and get your metabolism up and running in no time. Again I advise you to just try and see what it does for you.

6. Duspatal.
This is for cramps and pains in the lower abdominal, ask your doctor if he thinks this will be something that might help you, same goes for number 7.

7. Buscopan.
This is a painkiller especially designed for stomach cramps.

8. Acnes treatments at the Maxima Medical Centre (Holland).
This is a whole other story, and a very long one for that matter, I’ll give you a link where you can find more information about this treatment: Acnes MMC. I don’t know if they do this in other countries but in Holland it’s an up and coming treatment for people who are suffering from chronicle (belly) pains. Their approach is more on the nerve level of the belly and not the colon lever. They basically put the main nerve in your stomach to sleep by injecting lidocaine in the first and/or second level of the nerve. if this is successful and you experience less pain over the course of a few hours or days they can eventually cut the nerve in its entirety.

9. Antidepressants and shit like that, don’t let them fool you by letting them convince you the pain is in your head, YES of course stress or anxiety can worsen your symptoms but in no universe can the pain you feel for months on end be because of something that can be cured with antidepressants. All I’m saying is, try The diets and other methods first before you ask your doctor about antidepressants. I’m not saying it might not help some of you, just let it be one of the last things you try.

Thank you for reading this blog, and I hope this might help you on your belly blues journey!

Email me for any questions;


Stay Healthy stay Happy


Being Healthy means something different to all of us. For some people loosing those extra 5-10 kilo’s (Yes I’m using “Kilo’s” because even though I write in English I am a proper Dutchie), for others it means drinking less alcohol or going to the gym more often. We all have our own perception on how to be healthy and our own opinion on whether we think our habits are healthy or not.

For me it’s a little different than for most people. I have been struggling with belly aches and cramps and all sorts of discomfort for years; which made me very cautious about my living and eating habits. It made me think twice and sometimes even three times before I ate or drank something (very exhaustung though). For years I tried so many diets and adjusted my eating habits almost every month; I went gluten free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Sugar free etc, etc. Nothing seemed to make the ongoing and increasing pain go away. Now I finely know where the pain is coming from thanks to Doctor Eveline van de Ven, who tested me on way more than the hospital ever did and found out I have SIBO (Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth). Meaning I can’t digest my food, and for that matter almost any kind of food, properly; causing me to be rather underweight and in pain day and night. She also found out i have something called Colitis which basically means my colon is completely inflamed also causing me to have shooting pains and all sorts of horrible affects.

Now I have to follow a very strict diet and take several different kinds of antibiotics. After the first week of my new diet which mainly consists of fatty fish and cooked spinach and no carbohydrates what so ever I immediately felt the diference in my stomach.
For anyone who’d like to try this diet check out these two websites;
I follow these two diets together, it’s quite tricky but worth it for now.

Now it doesn’t mean that these diets are meant for everybody who wants to be healthy, just for the people who are really struggling with tummy issues. You can have a balanced diet WITH carbohydrates, which I do prefer. I hate eating like this; especially after I’ve just been a vegetarien since the last six months; but it does make me feel better and it’s not for ever.

I’m still on the road to recovery so my ‘healthy’ may differ from yours, and that’s OK, everybody needs a healthy lifestyle that fits their life and needs.

I only have one Golden Rule; ‘Don’t eat too much of something and eat mindfully’. As long as you don’t eat a whole bag of something and don’t eat too quickly or have no variation in your diet, you’re being pretty damn healthy enough!

Happy Feet


I started a little dog-walking-business a little while ago.

Ik voel me nu eindelijk wat beter vanwege mijn nieuwe medicijnen en daarom kan ik eindelijk op pad met de fijnste viervoeters op aarde!

Woon je in Eindhoven/Woensel(op de hoogte van het Catharina ZH) en heb je ook een energiek blij ding die misschien wel wat vaker uitgelaten mag worden als baaslief van huis is? Neem dan contact op met mij:) Je kunt me mailen: of bellen op 06-19013072. Voor 10 euro neem ik jouw hond mee voor een goeie wandeling naar bijvoorbeeld het Philips de Jong park en zijn we 45 tot 60 minuten weg.

We hebben het allemaal druk druk druk, maar laat je hond er niet onder lijden! Die trouwe beestjes verdienen het beste!



For me happiness is the most important thing in the world!
Sometimes life throws so much crap your way you can hardly see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it is there. If you have trouble seeing it just imagine it and it wil be closer than you think;)

One of the things that make me very very happy at the moment is my new hobby; making my own BellyGirlBlog Beauty bags! I’m still in quite some pain these days so making those bags is a nice distraction. Go have a look at my (still small) Hand Made Collection:).


I love this time of year!

I’ve had a lovely walk in the autumn sun today and also a little less pain, yay. My new medication is coming over from Belgium next Monday and I really really hope it’s going to make me better, fingers crossed!

~X Iris



I started a little dog-walking-business a little while ago.

Ik voel me nu eindelijk wat beter vanwege mijn nieuwe medicijnen en daarom kan ik eindelijk op pad met de fijnste viervoeters op aarde!

Woon je in Eindhoven/Woensel(op de hoogte van het Catharina ZH) en heb je ook een energiek blij ding die misschien wel wat vaker uitgelaten mag worden als baaslief van huis is? Neem dan contact op met mij:) Je kunt me mailen: of bellen op 06-19013072. Voor 10 euro neem ik jouw hond mee voor een goeie wandeling naar bijvoorbeeld het Philips de Jong park en zijn we 45 tot 60 minuten weg.

We hebben het allemaal druk druk druk, maar laat je hond er niet onder lijden! Die trouwe beestjes verdienen het beste!



This is amazing!

Ik loop al jaren rond met buikpijn en geen enkele dokter kon mij vertellen wat het nou precies was. De afgelopen acht maanden zit ik dus al thuis met zo veel pijn dat ik amper nog iets kan. En nu eindelijk na zo veel onderzoeken en slapeloze nachten hebben wél het antwoord gevonden!

Ik ben vandaag langs geweest bij Dokter Eveline van der Wel en zij had een onderzoek gedaan waar uit blijkt dat mijn darm ontstoken is en dat mijn bacteriën op de verkeerde plek in mij  darmen zitten en dit zorgt voor de aanhoudende pijn. Dit is een kleine samenvatting van het 3 uur durende consult waarin ze me nog veel meer heeft uitgelegd met details waar ik jullie niet mee ga vervelen. Bodem line is that there is a cure! Ik kan eindelijk gaan beginnen met beter worden en het wordt een lange weg en ik heb geen idee wat me nog allemaal te wachten staat maar ik heb eindelijk een antwoord op de vraag die ik al jaren met me mee draag.

Dit is misschien voor de meesten van jullie niet zo interessant maar voor de genen die ook last hebben van IBS of in het Nederlands: PDS en je hebt er dagelijks last van en de dokter weet niks met je te beginnen, please pay a visit to doctor Eveline van der Wel; Google haar en vraag voor een afspraak! Ik ben nu dus pas één keer bij haar geweest en ze heeft me nu al meer uit kunnen leggen en helpen dan al die doktoren in het ziekenhuis de afgelopen acht maanden  bij elkaar! Ken je iemand met erge buikklachten pay it forward, you’ll thank me later!!

Nu moet ik de komende weken een heel streng dieet volgen zodat ik hopelijk minder last krijg van de krampen en steken en dan begin ik zo snel mogelijk met een antibiotica kuur. Ik houd jullie op de hoogte en hopelijk kan ik snel dit blog vullen met leuke foto’s van mij in een bikini op een mooi zonnig strand met een cocktail in mijn hand!

Thanks for reading my post and hopefully I just helped someone on their own way to a better and painfree life!

Ps. De afbeelding zijn pakketten waarmee ik ‘dingen’ moet opsturen zodat ze meer kunnen gaan onderzoeken bloed en dergelijke.

I Can’t Believe It


I can’t believe that I finished my first ever novel!

Well I wouldn’t say finished, it’s probably far from finished but two lovely family members from Wales are now reading it and scribbling away with the red pen I gave them to correct and suggest. I’m sweating by the idea of other people reading my novel, the writing has kept me busy for the last few months and it was a lovely distraction from all the hospital visits and bellyache, but it has also been my own little bubble where I could just write away without anybody looking over my shoulder or asking me questions. So to hand it over to other people to read feels a bit scary, the same way starting this Blog feels a bit scary too. I’m always in the strongest believes that no one could ever be interested in what I have to say or what I’m going through; and not telling people how miserable I’ve been or how lonely I feel sitting at home most of my time has shielded me from judgment; and now here I am flaunting my personal life and my ups and downs for the whole world to see. one part of me would love it if this blog could be succesful and could be an addition to someone else’s life; the other part of me wishes no one ever reads it so no one can ever  hate it.

Anyway back to my book! I will wait with grate expectation to get my first review on my novel and work on the finishing touches; Then I’ll be off looking for a Literary Agent in London who might me crazy enough to take it on and pitch it to a publisher.

I’ll keep you posted!




This guy!

This guy keeps me smiling even though I’m going through hell and back every day.

This guy keeps me going even though I just want to curl up in the corner and disappear.

This guy is my everything, I’m so grateful that this guy is MY guy:) 

He’s my hero, my SuperMan.