Progress Bitches!


Hi there!

It’s been a while, I know, my apologies.
But I can finely tell you that I’m doing better! Lots and lots better! you know the kind of better where you can drink a beer and not nearly die… Yay!

I told you guys about my new job as the new back-office at HQT, and I’m still loving every minute of it! My colleagues are the bomb and make everyday into a fun day at the office<3
Even outside of the office we have the bestest of times:)


This is me and Maaike (my respected colleague and friend) and her little bundle of joy, chilling at Aqua Best.

It’s wonderful to be able to finely enjoy the finer things in life again, but it’s still a bit surreal, also because I can’t share this lovely time with RJ. It’s a good thing to be on your own again and dust yourself off and build a life with whatever you’re given, nobody said it was easy (insert Coldplay song here– sobs uncontrollably).

On another note! I’ve had a small procedure done at the hospital last Friday, they went inside of me to check if everything was OK with my bowels, eeehw Iris that’s gross! I know I’m sorry but it had to be done. As far as we know now I’m all good so I can continue to take my medicine and eat whatever the hell I want! Except for lactose:(

Anyways, my belly was not very happy with me because I had to take a lot of disgusting fluid before the procedure took place, here I will show you my belly in protest.. dear god I hate this.


I can assure you that after the procedure my belly went back to it’s flat self, thank heavens!

Now I still feel a bit woozy, but I’m resting my skinny ass in bed and it’s back to work tomorrow so wish me luck!

Thank you so much for checking up on me, please leave a message when you have any questions or just want to say hi!

Lots of love from me<3