New Job


Hi peeps!

This means a lot to me, being able to make my own money, maybe not a lot but you gotta (re)start somewhere!

I’ve recently started my new job  as the front desk secretary of BMW.


I’m super existed and after my few days of training I can’t wait to make my first day on my own; answering calls, keeping up with all the paperwork, E-mails and making sure every client who walking through the door gets the Full BMW experience!

I feel like a human again and hopefully it’ll only get better from here on out! “From here on out”…? That sounds like bad English… idk haha correct me if I’m wrong;)

I’m still taking the usual medication and eating lot’s and whatever I want (hah!) and haven’t felt better in literally a year. I also restarted my Chiropractic treatments at another facility here in Eindhoven and it’s still helping a lot! I got into a little bit of a funk after I had to quite my treatments at Top Chiropractic and the pain slowly wiggled his way back in but I feel it’s much more under control now… could be different in an hour but right now it feels like we’re on the right track.

I’m not saying the pain is completely gone or less intense, but the periods of time where I have less or no pain gets longer and longer so whenever I do have pain (on several occasions during the day) I’ve build up the physical energy and mental strength to take the hit. It still puts me down sometimes or makes me feel powerless but I’m taking it day by day.

This was my little update, hope you’ve enjoyed it or found it useful in any way. I’m still open for questions and love to hear about your experience with anything you’d like to share. Misery likes company;).

Please share happy things too!

For anyone who’s wondering the new BGB Beauty bags are in the development stage and you can probably tell by the picture but the majority of you have chosen the Marble print!!!1488639138508

(This is a sample not the actual bag)

Love,  Iris♡