Could This Be It?


It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Lots of pain, negative test results and almost no hope to hold on to. Sorry for my dreary opening but I just wanted to be honest about it and not sugar coat it and tell you I’m fine, I’m not.

After a while the pain got so bad so getting out of bed wasn’t even an option anymore and food was my worse enemy.

But giving up wasn’t an option either so I took some advice from my sister and payed a visit to a chiropractor. I was a bit skeptical because I was like; the pain is in my belly not in my back??

After trying countless methods and all sorts of medication I never had the feeling it ever made a difference… up until my first visit to the chiropractor. After my first treatment I instantly felt a relieve in the sense of less pain and more energy. I was still in a lot of pain but I was so happy to finely feel somewhat of a change in my body, a change for the better and more energy to take the constant punches of the pain.

The thought behind these chiropractic treatments are to get rid of any subluxations in the spinal cord. These blocked area’s press down on your nerves which results into bad communication between the organs and the brain which results into bad functioning organs… in my case my digestive system  (sounds pretty easy right?). These subluxations can give you all sorts of physical discomfort like; headaches, lung problems, low energy, indigestion, mood swings,  and the list goes on and on.

I still have 20 more treatments to go and I feel super optimistic about it! I can already see myself take back my life again; go to the gym, get a job and go out with friends… or maybe make friends first and then tag a long;)

Hope you guys found this little update somewhat interesting, not only because I like people reading my blog (obviously;) but mostly because I want to help other people with the same or related physical problems. So do you find yourself with questions after reading this blog please contact me and I will answer them all!:)

You can email me on or leave a message on this blog;) Thank you for visiting BellyGirlBlog and hopefully I will come back with an even more positive update in a few weeks!

Ps. The picture is old;) it just was the only one with my back showing haha.

X Iris