I Can’t Believe It


I can’t believe that I finished my first ever novel!

Well I wouldn’t say finished, it’s probably far from finished but two lovely family members from Wales are now reading it and scribbling away with the red pen I gave them to correct and suggest. I’m sweating by the idea of other people reading my novel, the writing has kept me busy for the last few months and it was a lovely distraction from all the hospital visits and bellyache, but it has also been my own little bubble where I could just write away without anybody looking over my shoulder or asking me questions. So to hand it over to other people to read feels a bit scary, the same way starting this Blog feels a bit scary too. I’m always in the strongest believes that no one could ever be interested in what I have to say or what I’m going through; and not telling people how miserable I’ve been or how lonely I feel sitting at home most of my time has shielded me from judgment; and now here I am flaunting my personal life and my ups and downs for the whole world to see. one part of me would love it if this blog could be succesful and could be an addition to someone else’s life; the other part of me wishes no one ever reads it so no one can ever  hate it.

Anyway back to my book! I will wait with grate expectation to get my first review on my novel and work on the finishing touches; Then I’ll be off looking for a Literary Agent in London who might me crazy enough to take it on and pitch it to a publisher.

I’ll keep you posted!


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