Anybody out there?

14578856950821This is why my blog is called BELLYgirlblog

I’m a 23 year old girl from Holland and my belly is an absolute nightmare!!! you’ve probably, maybe, possibly heard about IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome/ Prikkelbaar Darm Syndroom) It’s been tormenting my life for as long as I can remember but now it’s to the point I can’t even really live my life anymore. In the picture you see above I show my belly in it’s three states; first one is the bloated one(obviously); the way my belly has been for the past eight months, the other two are more acceptable but even though they look better the pain can be equally as horrendous. At this very moment I’m taking strong pain medication to get through my days but that’s no way to live besides the short buzz I get from the morphine. I’ve been home and in pain for eight friggin months now and it’s driving me insane!

Don’t worry, this blog is not just a place where I will whine on and on about my misery; I will share the good and the bad all wrapped up in one BellyGirlBlog. I will share with you my healthy and (in my own opinion) delicious recipes; talk about my Novel I finished writing just a few days ago and throw some random happiness around! I will shine a little light on small bussineses or people/organisations who I think deserve a little extra attention. They always tell me it’s better to stay positive so I will do my blooming best!

Nice to meet you if I don’t already know you and I hope this Blog will enrich your life or help you through a similar situation.

For the people (person) who visits this blog because I told you to; Hi mum thanks for checking out my first post!;)

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